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Now writing for Fluid Radio!

Radio by Fillmore Photography (Creative Commons Licence)

Radio by Fillmore Photography (Creative Commons Licence)

Exciting news: I’m now going to be writing for Fluid Radio, an experimental music radio station, contributing to their online reviews! You can find my pieces here and listen to Fluid Radio here.

Dance and visual art fans need not worry though – this blog will continue to be active and will still be covering the same wide range of subjects. Expect a response to Charles Linehan’s new double bill soon!

To listen is to shudder: on music


For a while I was beginning to wonder if I’d already grown too old for new music. Over the past few months, however, I’ve had my ears opened to a whole world of beguiling, engaging music I never knew existed. This music is often categorised under labels such as ‘microsound’, ‘modern classical’, or ‘post-ambient’, though I must admit I have no idea what any of those terms actually mean; typically it is open in its form (as opposed to the rigid verse-chorus structure of most pop music) and tends to use natural acoustic sounds that are then heavily processed, often beyond recognition.

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